I have a 2013 Frontier. and color and trim are based upon information available at time of publication, are subject to change without notice, and are for mainland U.S.A. vehicles . take off the bumper and do this what the last poster's auto body shop did. In Stock. Removed the damaged one. Here are some of the tools that jimthecarguy useshttps://www.amazon.com/shop/jimthecarguyReplacing the bumper cover is an easy job.In this video I will show . Remove the 9/16" bolts as shown in Figure 3. Rear glass had to be removed and reinstalled to have this done also. Turns out that there is no support on the ends of the rear bumper. If the bumper cover is mutilated and the plastic is pressed to the inside of the bumper, it's now broken. 9. How much does it cost to repair a plastic bumper? The costs, in the end, will depend on the car you're driving, if it's an aftermarket part . They are easy to remove, and the best way to get the wires into the car.-----Since the four wires on the reflector light are flat, I cut a small hole in the bung, and then enlarged it a bit by passing a pair of tweezers through the hole. Peel back a bit of the carpet and remove this screw. Next, remove the two screws aft of the rear wheels which face the ground. If you need to replace the sensor - you will need to replace the entire wheel bearing assembly, as the sensor is internal. It is fairly easy.

Just need to replace with a new cover. You can jump to Page 11 of the PDF and it shows where all the attachments are for the rear bumper (there are 14 of them). Rear Bumpers Rear Bumpers Rear Bumper Replacement Show items: 30 60 90 Sort by Torxe Rear Step Bumper Assembly 0 $212.00 - $592.02 iD Select Rear Step Bumper Assembly 0 $267.59 - $372.35 Replace Rear Bumper Covers 45 $9.91 - $935.81 Replace Rear Bumper Step Pads 23 $7.55 - $256.40 K-Metal Rear Bumper Step Pads 2 $14.69 - $273.67 Now you will see punched outlines of four foam rubber 'cutouts' in the liner that separates the cargo area from the metal bodywork.

In order to do this, you must remove the rear bumper completely. Secure the grill and light fixtures into the new bumper cover, using the hardware you removed from the old cover. Broken clip: A clip slides into a bumper cover clip mount, and the tip of it sticks into the body of the car. This will allow you to separate the grill and the bumper cover. Bend the bumper cover outward on each side to clear the wheel well lip and remove the bumper. Do yourself a favor and get an estimate first. Shake the spray paint and spray one thin coat of paint. Procedure Remove the rear bolt cover panel to expose the rear bumper's retaining bolts. Re: How do you replace rear bumper cover on Chrysler Town. Remove 2 phillips head screws in the wheel well rear lip. This will get it started where you can get your fingers under the step cover from above. Buy a New Bumper Cover The most obvious option is to throw away the old bumper cover and then buy a brand new one. Ensure that you cover an area extending about 50 millimeters from the crack. 9 Soak 1500 grit sandpaper in soapy water. Cut a piece of plastic from the package the tab repair adhesive came in to shape the adhesive. Wait at least 30 minutes and spray one or two coats of clear coat. 7 Check for dirt in the paint. There are four along the top side of the bumper that can be seen from the engine compartment. Tools needed Flat Blade Screwdriver Phillips Head Screwdriver 10mm Socket Ratchet Hi, I'm Mike Green. Fascia Retainer (Qty: 5) Tip. Remove three 7mm upper retaining bolts on each side.

9. 2nd Remove all 6 push pin connectors that hold the grille in place. You will need to remove some bolts from the bottom of the bumper, and the rest you can reach from the inside of the trunk. The order of work is: 1)remove bolts in wheel housing. The left side was completly fine but the right side got stuck and when I drove forward it destroyed the clips and snaps. Just pull out from the wheel well and go around. Posted on Jan 24, 2010. When applying the repair product, angle the putty knife so that the product is pushed through the crack and is squeezed outwards through the front. Any major auto parts retailer can pull the details of this code (which sensor) for free, which will help you identify if the wiring is loose or damaged or if the sensor will need to be replaced.

GOOACC 40PCS Nylon Bumper Fastener Rivet Clips 10mm for Honda and Acura-91503-SZ3-003 Automotive Furniture Assembly Expansion Screws Kit.

Punch out / peel these off. Save On Auto Parts Call 1-855-502-0727 The exact cost to repair your rear bumper depends on the extent of the damage and what kind of car you own. . While every reasonable effort is made to . By the way for those that want to know, got a quote for about $500 to replace the bumper. Step 2 - Remove bumper. In order to change the cover, it is easier if the entire bumper assembly . The more damage caused to it, the easier it is to scrap the bumper cover and replace . Remove the 7mm retaining screws that are located near the rear wheel. getoffmyleg. 6 Apply the clear coat application to the entire rear bumper cover. There are usually plastic screws holding it in place. So I little 5mph parking lot mistake ends up being a $4600 repair. $250-$500 to repair current cover. Procedure. Look at the replacement and see where the bolts are to remove the coverfrom the frame. $ 242.97 paint. Clean the area where the tow hook hole is.

On average, for a total bumper replacement, the costs are going to be anywhere between $500 and $2,500+ for an OEM rear bumper.

$ 3 misc. So it just bends back, pushes on the quarter panel until the panel crumbles. Reconnect the necessary wiring. 10.

The average cost to repair plastic bumpers ranges from approximately $150-$450. There's also 6 nuts, three on each side holding the bumper. Step 1: Flip the bumper over and remove the 2 screws (one on each end), and the 4 plugs in the middle. Step 7: Cut Plastic and Apply Adhesive. 4. Remove the rear fender liner to expose the retaining support screws of the rear bumper. Else, a big sledge hammer will suffice! The license plate must be removed to access two to three bolts that hold on the rear bumper. How to replace the rear bumper cover on a Chrysler Pacifica 1. Ask Question Step 6: Done This is a crazy easy process! Hot-Shot: An expert who has answered 20 questions. In general, most people should expect to spend between $225 and $750. Bolt locations underneath bumper. 10. Apply adhesive to the plastic, then lightly press the adhesive to the backside of the repair. Body, Interior - OEM Toyota Part # 521690E070 (52169-0E070) . 1) Remove the screws that hold the fender well cover in. Tools Ratchet w/ extension (1/4 drive); 7mm and 10 mm socket. It's the rear bumper. 3)remove mounting bolts at top and bottom of bumper. 58 Answers. This procedure should cover: 2007 Ford Edge Rear Bumper Cover Removal and Replacement 2008 Ford Edge Rear Bumper Cover Removal and Replacement 2009 Ford Edge Rear Bumper Cover Removal and Replacement 2010 Ford Edge Rear Bumper Cover Removal and Replacement 2011 Ford Edge Rear Bumper Cover Removal and Replacement 2012 Ford Edge Rear Bumper Cover . Step 1 - Remove the existing rear bumper. Clips for the pad, and a couple bolts for the bumper corner. How much does it cost to repair a plastic bumper? I had problems with the "nuts" in the plastic wanting to spin when I separated mine. Replace the Phillips screw cavity gasket on the bottom edge of the trunk. The most likely consideration now is the scrapping of the bumper. Thanks for using FixYa! Nissan Altima Service Repair Manuals.

10 To replace a bumper for a Hyundai, you will typically pay around $150 - $500 for the parts and labor. Remove them, followed by a small screw back inside the light assembly area. ($50 / $300 / $500)In this video I replaced the rear bumper cover on a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan. Location : Front, Upper And Lower Notes : Bumper Cover Upper - Primed; Bumper Cover Lower - Textured Components : (2) Bumper Covers Recommended Use : OE Replacement Color Finish : Primed top; Textured Bottom Fog Light Holes : With Fog Light Holes Product Fit : Direct Fit Quantity Sold : Set of 2 Replaces OE Number : BB5Z17D957BPTM, BB5Z17D957CB Replaces Partslink Number : FO1014108, FO1015112 . I would down load all of them as they have GREAT instructions on how to Disassemble you RAV4. I have screen shots of the web page. Remove the rear bolt cover panel to expose the rear bumper's retaining bolts. Helpful 1.

Apply basecoat paint to the entire rear bumper cover. The replacement cost of a bumper is far greater than having it repaired and painted. Mar 23, 2015. santoscabirle posted this link on another thread. Install the new bumper brackets with new bolts.

Remove the bumper from the vehicle. $6.99. But if you own some high-maintenance cars or some supercar, then the cost will go much higher than the estimated one. Line up the bumper cover and clip it into place. and color and trim are based upon information available at time of publication, are subject to change without notice, and are for mainland U.S.A. vehicles only. Step 16: On the rear side of the repair area, use a putty knife or Bondo spreader to apply the bumper repair product. Start with the plastic clips around the inside of the fender wall. You will see a bunch of plastic tabs that are penetrating the bumper cover. The Final Rear Bumper Cover Replacement Cost. Bumper covers are often sold individually, in sets of . Remove 4 plastic retainers on the very bottom of the bumper cover in the rear. 8. The service manual goes into detail on how to remove both front and rear bumpers. This item: OE Replacement Honda Odyssey Rear Bumper Cover (Partslink Number HO1100220) $199.89. Tilt it towards your self to release the lower clips. Broken clip mount: Clip mounts are molded into the inside of the bumper cover . I pulled th. In either case, if it's just a bumper side and a step pad, both are very easily replaced. Cost was right at $4600.00. Each side will have three retaining bolts. Look at the replacement and see where the bolts are to remove the coverfrom the frame. A simple install of a new bumper is all that's needed. Next, wrap the plastic around the tab location. Then follow the instructions on the PDF file. The cost of a replacement Toyota Camry bumper cover varies depending on your vehicle's year and model. 2)remove taillight assemblies. It is easy to remove the frame and cover as one piece since its just the 4 nuts on each side plus light wiring if equipped. According to Cost Helper, a new bumper for a passenger car can cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000. Pop your trunk and look where your bumper meets your trunk. Apr 6, 2009. $ 845 labor paint. Expert.

Body shops have the equipment to even weld the plastic back together if it's cracked. getoffmyleg.

Figure 1. Pop the bumper back onto the car and use the clips you removed (or new ones) to secure the bumper to the car. Remove your tail lights, lift up in the direction the screws are pointed, there are three clips (along the left hand side in this pic) also holding the tail light so you will need a little force. My rear center bumper pad was damaged. Arrives by Sat, Jul 9 Buy KAI New CAPA Certified Standard Replacement Rear Driver Side Bumper Cover Reflector, Fits 2011-2017 Honda Odyssey at Walmart.com They thread directly into the back of the bumper cover, therefore no nuts to . You have to remove the plastic that covers the taillights from inside . However I cannot get the new one to seat into place. Installation and painting the new bumper can cost between $200 and $600. 1) 5 large torx bolts along the top of the bumper cover under the hood. I downloaded from here Nissan Altima Service Repair Manuals. The average cost to repair plastic bumpers ranges from approximately $150-$450. While stock bumpers will match the car, some may have to be repainted, and if this is the case, this can cost even more. Rear Bumper Cover Replacement: 30 to 60 Minutes. Let's show you how to get it. There are three screws in the wheel well on either side plus a few regular bolts on top. Grab the bumper cover and slowly pull it back, make sure it is not stuck on anything. 8. Also replace any screws that were removed, behind each wheel there was at least one. 7 Answers In most cars I've seen the screws under your wheel well. Step 2 - Remove all the bumper cover clips and hardware. Repairing the cover at this point requires a thorough cleaning to remove any wax, grease, etc. Flathead screwdriver (small head) to take off the body pinsPlease Subscribe: https://goo.gl/4z. Hang the bumper cover on the bumper brackets. Sep 13, 2021.

Yes it is just the bumper cover. Open liftgate.

With all the bolts and retainers removed, it is held on by clip-style molded plastic fasteners that you can release just by pulling on the bumper. "snow" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected] >I got a large dent in the rear plasitc bumper on my Toyota Sienna . Location : Front And Rear Components : (2) Bumper Covers Recommended Use : OE Replacement Color Finish : . Step 2: Remove the inner structure by removing the 2 plugs located at the top. Seems like they all want $$ for a new bumper thus far. Pearl White. Crawl under the truck with a flashlight and look up where the step mouts.

Use a 10mm socket to remove the bolts and nuts located around the bumper cover (refer to Figure 2). How was the bed corner? The ones that attach to your wheel well are steel. Thanks for the replies. The hardest single task is the removal of the circular metal clip holding the spare tire hoist tube to the bumper, and that comes later.

I had problems with the "nuts" in the plastic wanting to spin when I separated mine. Take the driver's side and have an assistant pull the passenger side simultaneously. OEM replacement parts will typically cost you anywhere between $160 to $1,100. Just had my rear bumper replaced because I got low-speed rear-ended. Start at one end and squeeze/push upward on a few. 6 Once those are out, remove the flare by pulling it away from the Jeep and popping out the plastic clips. $ 533 labor body.

How much does a bumper cover cost? You have two basic options: 1. The cheapest way to replace is bumper is to buy a bumper and install it yourself, which can cost as low as $80. But if you need to replace the rear bumper, then you could end up paying up to $2,000. Remove metal clips from tabs that connect the upper bumper cover to the lower bumper cover. Learn how to replace your Toyota Prius rear bumper cover. On each side of the bumper are two thick rubber bungs (plugs). Keep your hand at least 10 inches or more from the tow hook cover. (pic to follow) 3) 7 medium sized torx bolts along underside rear of bumper cover (pic to follow) Note, you will NOT need to . Got a new Nissan cover. Hence, the total cost of replacing a rear bumper will be around $220-$600. Close the trunk. Have someone ready to lift the bumper as it will start to come . FREE Shipping. Each side will have three retaining bolts. And the average labor cost will be around $100-$200. 5 Bake or dry the painted rear bumper cover. Install in reverse order. Remove the bumper cover clips, some of which may require a Phillips screwdriver to pry off. 2014 3.5 SL. Next we go to the rear wheel wells, you will need a 10mm socket wrench. Similar damage, but was only hit on driver side rear. 6 Rear bumper and bumper stay. Shop for New Auto Parts at 1AAuto.com http://1aau.to/c/59/v/bumpers-and-parts1A Auto demonstrates how to remove and replace a damaged, scratched or broken re. Step 4: Carefully start pulling the valance from one side. Your best bet is to look at an exploded diagram of the body and figure it out from there. It took about 20 minutes to complete the replacement with both my husband and I working on it.

A simple repair is the cheapest option overall can cost as low as $50 - $100. Start screwing in the Phillips screws and pushing in the push clips and pins. First you have to remove the various carpets / mats / cargo liners and disconnect / remove the battery [negative cable first.] Shop Lexus RX 350 Bumper Cover (Rear). But if you need to replace the rear bumper, then you could end up paying up to $2,000. It's a very easy job to do that should only take you about 10 minutes. :facepalm: 2020 Cadillac XT5 Sport, Shadow Metallic outside, Cirrus/Jet Black inside . 3rd Carefully remove the grille. To remove the rear bumper on the 2005 Nissan Sentra, you will first need to remove the rear bumper cover by using a flat tool to pry the pins. Car was still drivable also, but had to cut out and replace left rear quarter, tail light, bumper cover, repair damage to trunk floor, and paint.

Figure 2 Begin by pulling up the trunk liner and removing the rear scuff plate or trim piece around the trunk latch--remove the two 10mm plastic nuts below the . However, the cost to replace a bumper in the event of extensive damage can be anywhere between $800-$1,300. 4. It would have been $1,800 (I think) to upgrade to the backup camera. Remove three 7mm upper retaining bolts on each side. $300-$450 for rear bumper cover, unpainted. Drill out pop-rivets that connect upper bumper cover to lower bumper cover. Have a blanket or carpet on the ground to protect the bumper. (pic to follow) 2) 4 press clips, 2 left and 2 right on the top of the grill above the headlights, use a flat screwdriver or similar and pull out. How to Figure Out Why Your Bumper Cover Came Loose. Take those off, pop it out of the clips and its off. It's a pretty costly option, and the installation process can be tricky and time-consuming. Working from underneath the rear of the car, remove the clips and bolts that hold the bumper on. The most obvious reason why a bumper gets scrapped is the damage to the bumper cover. Re-install the clips/screws starting on one end and working around to the other. Remove the rear fender liner to expose the retaining support screws of the rear bumper. However, the cost to replace a bumper in the event of extensive damage can be anywhere between $800-$1,300. Shop Toyota Highlander Bumper Cover (Rear, Lower). $2309.77 total at a local Tesla-approved shop. I just replaced the rear bumper cover on my 2002 Escalade, and here's a brief on how I accomplished it.

2)Remove the vertical T20 screw behind the cover. Support the bottom of the plastic using a spreader. Pull on fascia upper center to release the retainers.

What causes rear bumper damage? You can find that diagram on some of the parts websites. Wait another 15 minutes and spray a second coat of matching paint. The quote for a similar truck I saw with sort of similar damage was far higher - $360 to replace the step pad, bumper corner, and paint seems fair. A good rip + dents in the bumper is all that occurred. Grab a pair of pliers and pinch them together to push them out and release the side of the fender flare. One on each side. So figure at least 1 hour to remove and reinstall the cover. I hope this helps. Remove the 7mm retaining screws that are located near the rear wheel. Body, REQ, PAINT - OEM Lexus Part # 521050E902 (52105-0E902, 521050E900, 5210548900, 5210548902) Toggle navigation. So, here's the instructions from the post you mentioned. . "Basically, there's three push pins on the bottom and four top. The average cost for the parts can come around $120-$400.

m (89 lb in) 4. Broken mounting tab: A tab is plastic welded onto the bumper cover, and protrudes into the body or grille. I need to know what parts would be needed to re-attach a new bumper cover. Pull out the light fixtures from the bumper cover. There is a 11/16" nut on the other side of the bolts that you will need to have a wrench on to keep it from spinning. Cannot get the back of the cover to go all the back to the rear against the metal bumper. Then, access the bolts holding the bumper to the . There are a series of Torx screws that hold the bumper in place. I have it hooked onto my car with zip ties right now. Behind each one you will be able to access the bolts that . I mean the bump is not that bad, but hard to get to without taking off the bumper. Zero damage to the bumper foam or anything else. bumper needs to be heated up to relax the plastic and try to reform itself back into shape. Of course, these estimates do not include any . There are 2 on each side and you cannot use the T20 driver, you must use a ratchet and socket. Secure the bumper cover in the bumper bracket by sliding it back and forth. 8 Remove any dirt particles with a sharp razor blade. Use a small plastic wedge to release the retainers. Use a 10mm socket to remove the screws behind each of the rear tires Use a 10mm socket to remove each of the rear fender well mounting bolts Grab the bumper cover, starting at the driver side rear fender well, and pull it to release it from the trim clips (you can use a trim tool to loosen the clips as necessary) step 2 :Replacing the Rear Bumper Figure 1 The rear bumper cover is a single piece and depending on the options on your vehicle, you may have different fasteners and arrangements than those found on our project car. Step 2 - Remove bumper screws. Pull the bumper cover straight off, pulling forward away from the vehicle. Rear bumper and bumper stay. The shock absorber clips into the 'real' bumper. 1st Pop the hood open. Bumper Replacement Costs. Open Questions: 0 answers Step 3: Remove the 2 retaining screws holding in the rear valance. (You'll see those when you open the trunk lid) Just ply them off gently.

4) pull out/push in on the sides of the bumper to parallel to the guides on the side of the car which the bumper slides into.

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2. If you do not have a ratchet and socket but you do have the driver, just remove the wheels and you will be able to get to them. The base ML350 features a 3 Rear Bumper Cover, Primed - w/o Park Sensor Holes, Except ML63 Model Aero-kit consists of front and rear bumpers, Fender extensions, overlays on the door trims on the front wings, sills, bonnet, spoiler on the fifth door and tips on the exhaust pipe Brand: Auto-Home Store--your wise choice for best after-sale The bumper cover is the outermost and only visible part .