Related stories:. 1485 views |. The Home Security Superstore carries OC spray products from well-respected brands like Fox Labs Streetwise and Mace. Leave the area promptly. Is it illegal to use bear spray on humans? . Maximum capsaicin content allowable (2%) Up to 9 seconds spray time.

Check Price. Places Near Arlington, MA with Pepper Spray. While human pepper spray is about 1.33 percent capsaicin and related capsaicinoids, bear spray is 2 percent. You can buy bear spray at the JH Visitors Center, as well as stores in Jackson, such as Jack Dennis Sports, Sports Authority, and Ace Hardware. Self Defense Products Inc. No reviews. Delivers a powerful, 20' stream of fog. The reason for my interest in bear spray is its ability to spray a stream at a safe 30ft range vs the small distance of personal little 2.5oz hand held ones for self defense. Bear spray contains different active ingredients (capsaicin and related capsaicinoids) than pepper spray. ADD TO CART. Please call store for availability. Do not use bear pepper spray on dogs or humans. Outfitter Bear Electric Fence (Covers 45ft. Dual component Dymel-nitrogen propellant remains effective at extremely low temperatures. Where to Get Your Bear Spray Bear spray is sold at gift shops, outdoor stores (such as REI and Camping World), service stations, and Yellowstone Association bookstores inside the park, as well as in many stores in the surrounding towns. The original mace formula was also found to be very toxic. Add To Cart. A standard self-defense spray might have up to 10% capsaicin. DEFCON Home & Self-Defence. Pepper Spray : Home Security. There are three main ingredients in bear spray: Oleoresin Capsicum (OC): oily residue from hot cayenne peppers. Recipient of the IGBC Stewardship Award for Research and Development of Bear Pepper Spray, this spray is produced by the survivor of a grizzly bear encounter. Bear spray isn't unlike pepper spray that humans use to protect themselves from other humans. A deposit of $65 will be charged to your card for the rental of the 9 oz (255 g) bear spray, and a deposit of $80 will be charged to your card for the rental of the 13 oz (369 g) bear spray. Oleoresin capsicum (OC), an oily substance from hot red peppers, is the active ingredient in bear spray and the pepper sprays used for self-defense. Shipping Available Not Available to Pickup. Sprays to up 32 ft. and empties in approximately 7 sec., working on all bear species to deter attacks on humans. Superhot bear-repellent spray derived from hot peppers. By: Jessica Zimmer. Spray at the charging bear so that the bear must pass through a cloud of spray. It is used defensively to stop an aggressive, charging, or attacking bear. Since the summer of 2010, Explore Rentals has been providing rental bear spray to locals and visitors of Southwest Montana. $9.99 . The 9.2 oz spray combines maximum stopping power with a superior range of 35 feet, meaning you can deploy it from a safer distance to deter an aggressive bear. Begin spraying when the charging bear is 30-60 feet (10-20 yards) away. "Empties in six seconds and can spray up to 35 feet of fog." Best Multi-Pack: Guard Alaska Bear Spray 5-pack at Amazon. Pepper spray works by releasing Oleoresin Capsicum (OC . Lots of short bursts. Includes a safety cap and finger loop handle. Bodyguard Pepper Spray 20G - Keyring with Clip. Spray in 2 - 3 second bursts. 4.7 out of 5 stars with 13 ratings. It is designed to give you more space between yourself and the bear, so it can spray further. Can you use bear spray on humans and dogs? Buy SABRE Pepper Spray & Safety Products Around the World. When pepper spray comes into contact with a person's eyes, it causes immediate eye closure, acute eye pain, and temporary blindness. Aim slightly down and adjust for crosswind. The product is an oily liquid that is not very soluble in water.

Skip to content. Mace Brand Hot Pink Pepper Spray - Personal. ON SALE. search reset. Add to cart Quick view. UDAP 7.9oz Safety Orange Bear Spray with GrizGuard Holster. ADD TO CART. This is a federal crime with a $25,000 fine.

1. Self Defense Products Inc. 1 review. In the state of Texas, an individual is allowed to carry pepper spray (oleoresin capsicum) to defend themselves. Essential for camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing. Counter Assault OC-10 is a non-flammable, non-toxic aerosol spray used . Flavorless and odorless, the . You can find SABRE products in your neighborhood drugstore, sporting goods, automotive, hardware, army navy supply or mom-and-pop convenience store. Causes temporary loss of sight and difficulty breathing. . "You can fire short bursts to scare the animals off." Best on All Bears: Guard Alaska Bear Spray at Amazon. Counter Assault 10.2oz Bear Spray with Holster Sealed Blister. sq. roger3403. Counter Assault Bear Deterrent is lightweight, easily carried on the belt of a hunter, fisherman, or backpacker. Medford (4 miles) Somerville (6 miles) Cambridge (6 miles) Woburn (7 miles) Brighton (7 miles) Malden (7 miles) Waltham (8 miles . Buy Pepper and Bear Sprays at Sportsmans Warehouse online and in-store has everything for your outdoor sports adventure needs. Sabre. As a result, animal pepper sprays can be ship to New York. One study showed it successfully scares off bears in 93 percent of cases. Buy Pepper and Bear Sprays at Sportsmans Warehouse online and in-store has everything for your outdoor sports adventure needs. Essential for camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing. Explore Rentals is conveniently located adjacent to the Bozeman Airport (BZN .

Counter Assault 8.1oz Bear Spray with Holster Sealed Blister. Bear spray has been used as a weapon by civilians in a number of high-profile incidents in recent months. Many New-Yorkers buy their pepper spray or bring it there to a friend from New Jersey and Connecticut. Home; Self-Defence Pepper Spray . Add to cart. . $26.24. Fires for approximately 8 seconds. Mace Brand Guard Alaska Bear Spray. Spray at the charging bear so that the bear must pass through a cloud of spray. Fishing, rods & reels, camping gear, tents and much more. Since bear spray isn't as potent, you wouldn't want to use it on humans. It travels up to 15 feet (4.6 m) farther than other bear sprays to put more distance between you and the attacking bear. Bear spray works from 35 feet away and causes severe irritation in the animal's lungs and eyes, according to Outside magazine . $64.99. to . The products that we offer include Bodyguard 20g Pepper Spray, Body Guard 20g Pepper Spray Keyring With Clip, Bodyguard 20g Black Case-Flip Top Pepper Spray, Ultra Force Enhanced Police Pepper Spray Holder, 50g Bodyguard Flip Top Pepper Spray and other products. Mace Brand - Maximum Strength Bear Spray at a Glance : 20 foot range. $34.99. 0. In Stock. $69.95 (1) 1 reviews with an average rating of 3.0 out of 5 stars. Pepper spray can only be use for self-defense of any person who is likely to face an attacked or threatened. The research confirms that it's highly effective. . . Dealer Locator. Pepper Spray in Arlington on area) (5.5lbs w/ Batteries) $319.99. CART. The key factors to consider when purchasing a can of bear spray is the volume of the cylinder and the amount of Oleoresin Capsicum, capsaicin or capsaicinoids in it. 20% OC, 1.34 Capsaicinoid super hot formula. Mace Brand Mace Brand Home Defense Kit. Made in the USA, Mace continues to lead the industry with innovative products using powerful formulas, fast-acting delivery systems and safety features. oz. Search for a location near you. Frontiersman Bear Spray provides the very best in bear defense. Our office is very conveniently located, approximately one mile (1.6 km) from Yellowstone, on the main road to Yellowstone. Add To Cart. If the bear continues to charge, spray into its face. We are the nation's first renter of bear spray. Maximum capsaicin content allowable (2%) Up to 9 seconds spray time. Correct me if I'm wrong but I understand they're basically the same thing as pepper spray but doesn't follow the 2.5oz limit rule because it's . Keep it at least 8 feet (2 m.) high with another 2 feet (61 cm.) Guard Alaska bear repellent is made by Mace, the leader in self-defense pepper sprays. The form factor for the sprayer itself varies tremendously. While human pepper spray is powerful, bear spray is even more so. Self-defense sprays containing more than 2 percent by mass of tear gas (CS or CN) are prohibited in checked baggage. $14.99. Quick and easy to use.

This police strength pepper spray provides maximum security in a powerful stream to reduce wind blowback and protect from a distance with a 10-foot (3-meter) range. (118 ml) container of mace or pepper spray is permitted in checked baggage provided it is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. Wide range from the best brands of self-defence spray including Sabre Red and Liquid Bullet. I personally look for the largest canister and a brand . Currently the EPA requires that the concentration of Capsaicin and related Capsaicinoids range between 1% and 2%.3. Delivers a powerful, 20' stream of fog. The SABRE Defense Spray with Attachment Clip provides maximum strength protection while being easy to carry and conceal. It uses oleoresin capsicum as its active ingredient (at a concentration of around 10%) - this is the same stuff which makes chilli peppers unbearably hot - when you use it against an attacker, it leads to symptoms such as severe burning pain . Frontiersman bear spray is a quick-to-deploy bear defense spray . Comes with a Bear Spray Holster. Range of spray: Approximately 15-20 feet. Don't spray when the bear is too far away or your spray won't make contact.

"Whoa, bear! When I've looked at bear sprays before, Mace has ranked at or near the top of the list. Whether you are an avid camper, hiker, or just someone who loves to explore the great outdoors, frontiersman bear spray is a must-have for added peace of mind on your next adventure.

Stir the mixture well. Keep spraying until the bear changes direction. It's a highly effective and discrete safety device that can make all the difference for your personal safety. Introducing the NEW and STYLISH Chameleon, a pepper spray you can customize to match your look! Add To Cart. If the bear continues to charge, spray into its face. Level Contributor. The chemical irritant, which is similar to pepper spray but more potent, has been deployed . When it comes into contact with skin and eyes, it causes a severe burning sensation. Sabre 3-in-1 and Inert Training Spray. . Can you buy bear spray over the counter? Quick View. Capsicum is a naturally occurring ingredient that . Hey, bear!" says Curtis Matwishyn repeatedly for nearly three minutes . Glow-in-the-dark safety wedge with tie string. And, after 9/11 there may be secured locations such as federal buildings, state buildings or any place you must pass through security where you cannot have pepper spray. Pepper spray works as an inflammatory agent and is more effective on people under the influence (and is less likely to cause toxic harm to the user). Guard Alaska bear repellent is made by Mace, the leader in self-defense pepper sprays. Feel secure with 25 bursts (5x more than other brands) for protection against multiple threats. 12 Units Strike-n-Spray Double Defender. Mace Brand - Maximum Strength Bear Spray at a Glance : 20 foot range. Report inappropriate content. You should begin to spray a bear when it is approximately 30-60 feet (10-20 yards) away. It is a last resort option when a bear is charging towards, or is very close to you. We appreciate all of our retail partners who support us in our mission to help keep people safe. Three employees share their story about a surprise encounter with a grizzly in Yellowstone. Begin spraying when the charging bear is 30-60 feet (10-20 yards) away. Pepper spray uses the chemical irritant capsaicin the same ingredient that gives chili peppers their heat in a concentrated aerosol compound. Add for shipping. When I've looked at bear sprays before, Mace has ranked at or near the top of the list. Counter Assault Bear Spray, OC-10, Pepper Spray, and Accessories can be found throughout the country. BUY NOW! The Sabre 3-in-1 Pepper Spray (around $15 including practice spray) is a traditional aerosol spray. It is against the law to spray a person or an animal except where it is in jeopardy for your safety or security. Quick View.

Made in USA. Made in USA. $55.64. We have rented to well over 1,000 people, and not a single one has been eaten by a bear. Fishing, rods & reels, camping gear, tents and much more. Non-lethal deterrent spray causes temporary eye-tearing and respiratory distress, but leaves no permanent damage. Peppers have capsaicinoids that deter animals from eating them.

Shop for Bear Spray in Self Defense Tools. $54.99. 4. Shop today! Can you buy bear spray over the counter? . 13. An individual may not use pepper spray to commit an act of assault or bring a . The young black bear approached Curtis Matwishyn for several minutes before it got a face-full of bear spray. WI. Add to cart. The 590 FPS speed at 23-feet adds to the gun's accuracy, but the built-in laser is the main reason for accuracy. Counter Assault. The huge canister (over 9 ounces) will provide plenty of pepper spray.

A man out for an evening jog found himself face to face with two cougars on a remote trail near Grande Prairie.Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: ht. Mace Brand Pocket Pepper Spray - Neon Blue . Choose Options. Maniac. Search for: Search. Dan Stadler Jun 25, 2022. Sale price $52.49. Read the latest from the Mace Brand Blog View all . Yet, two simple loopholes are present to get self-defense sprays in New York, as mentioned: Bear spray is likely to be available in camping stores in New York City. 5. We recommend checking with your airline as some may not allow this item . Pros. Add one tablespoon of vegetable oil for every two tablespoons of cayenne pepper you've dished out. Quick and easy to use. Include extra ingredients. Powerful, long-range spray up to 10 feet and high strength formula that's sure to stop people in their tracks. Some people describe a bubbling or boiling . 125 Units Halo Key-Chain Pepper. Not in stores. An invincible ultra hot pepper spray. This multipurpose defense spray includes not only a conventional capsaicin-based pepper spray but also CS tear gas that causes extra irritation and an invisible UV dye to mark attackers. Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but there may be restrictions on how and where you can carry it. True to its name, pepper spray's active ingredient is pepper. In the early 1990s with Counter Assault's formulation technology and product specifications, we added a line of personal defense pepper sprays called OC-10. Mace Brand Pepper Gel Magnum 9. Pepper spray is generally regarded to be the most distressing to experience, but it must be sprayed directly in the eyes or inhaled to be most effective. Little has changed since then because they're still just doing it right consistently. Designed to prevent bear attacks, the Frontiersman provides a 35-foot range, with glow-in-the-dark safety, heavy fog delivery and 2.0% CRC for maximum strength. Best Overall. It is often made from the same peppers as all the other sprays that are on the market. Add to cart. One 4 fl. Bear sprays are another form of pepper spray. Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray is a safe, humane and effective way to protect yourself from possible bear attacks while hiking fishing, camping, and biking. Compare Compare Now. You can also get FREE delivery on orders above $175. Buy pepper spray online in South Africa at Pepper spray is a chemically derived, non-fatal weapon for self-defense, intended for use on humans.