Barrett. . Alexander . This melodious name is a hit among many parents with a baby girl. Aindrea Virile, manly. ASMUND : Old Swedish form of Old Norse smundr , meaning "divine protection." This English name originally comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for protector, and has been in use Marcus. The name is given to a male child. Scottish variant of Alexander. 4. The son of Apollo and Cyrene. Babesle (protector in Basque) Alexa Greek name meaning defender. Stephanos, Stefanos (steh-FAH-nohs) A popular name it is perhaps because of its meaning: crown, crowned one.. Ioannis Pronounced Yannis (and sometimes spelled that way too), this name means God is gracious and, believe it or not, is the Greek form of the name John. ; Alder Alder is a boys name of English origin.Alder is named after the alder tree. Boy names inspired by Greek Mythology. 4. Aloisa is a name that means hero that is sweet and feminine. In Italian the meaning of the name Guglielmo is: Resolute protector. At the moment it is not registered in the popularity charts of baby boy names, but in 2015 it appeared in the position # 10,041. Aegeus is an ancient mythological Greek figure who is supposed to have had a hand in the founding of the city of Athens. Several Spanish and Portuguese kings shared this name. He was the god of shepherds and their flocks, the wild, and impromptus. Meaning: Spanish for cautious. If you want your tiny one to take to the greatness of such legends, look no further as we have got a list of the best Greek mythology names, curated especially for you. Cool Boy Names That Starts with S. Sebastian Greek name meaning revered. Federico and Lourenco are brothers.

You will be able to choose a strong name for your battle-ready baby boy. Kane: Meaning: Welsh for warrior Pila. Suggest Name.

1. The name is given to a male child.

So, if you like the meaning, you get to choose between any of these two names! 10. Surnames. Rich protector. Shashaw Irish origin which means one who defends. Rosabella. Book People, Good read, World of books, Books for children, Kids books, Book club, cookbook, Popular Books, Bookstoreharry potter books, books, my hero academia, harry potter, childrens books, harry potter book set, tarot cards, thats not my books, judge dredd, gruffalo, wagamama, lord of the rings books, biff chip and kipper books, one piece manga,atomic habits, death note, 12. A name that sounds strong and modern. Sotirios (soh-TEE-ree-ohs) This name means salvation.. Mlinzi (protector in Swahili) Verndari (protector in Icelandic) Ehno Italian name meaning protector. Alessandra Greek name meaning protector Arsenio Arsenio is a popular Italian and Spanish boys name that means strong and virile. Strong and virile are both characteristics associated with protectors. Alessia Meaning: Italian for defending warrior Alexa Meaning: Greek for protector of mankind Aloisia Meaning: German for famous fighter Dealla Meaning: Irish for protector Diamond Sandra A name of Greek origin, linked to Sandy, meaning protector of men. Summary Index of Defender names [and variants] for boys. The name with English origins means fortunate protector. It translates to mean sea warrior.. Albern This classical name has English roots to it. Diago. It means strong warrior. Amell (German) "power of an eagle". Girl names that Mean Warrior, Protector, Or Survivor. It is one of those rare names to hear today but that is impossible to ignore due to its strong personality. Arlen A unique boy name that is of Gaelic origin, and means pledge, oath. What was the boy's name in A Bronx Tale? Here is a list of ancient greek names you can use for your own child someday. Angelino. 1 out of every 8,213 baby boys born in 2020 are named Alistair. Zoroaster. Is Aster an Ethiopian name? derived from asima, prote Africa. Zoroaster. More info about the name "Aegeus". These include many male dog names such as Liam, Alex, and Eddie. Konstantinos This traditional Greek name has the simple meaning of loyal.. A stunning name, holding a great sense of awe and wonder. Origin: Greek, Polish.

Harold was a protector and defender of the roman catholic church. Meaning: Hebrew for a protector. Meaning desire, the God of physical love, winged. Suggest Name. 5. This name came from German origins and this means wise army. Boy Name Meanings Girl Name Meanings Search Name Meanings. First up, our list of male names meaning protector: Greek baby girl names and meanings. Aloisa would make a wonderful name for a little girl who would grow up to exhibit the heroic qualities of a good warrior. Popularity: Daniil is pretty popular among Russian male names. Albert (Anglo-Saxon) noble and bright. Cool Boy Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, or Survivor. The name has a lofty aspiration and is suitable for all genders. Emin is the name of German origin. Diamond: Old English for invincible, untamed. Variant of Ekemona: Wealthy protector. Hermes - Greek. 81. Suggest Name. What boy name means protector? STARTS WITH Al-What does the name Alister? Joseph The Greek god Pan was a goat from the waist down and a man from the waist up. Top 70+ Best Names That Mean Protector 1.Adofo (Ghanian origin) meaning "warrior". Zopyros is a great name for your baby boy.

13. Nicknames: Andy, Ande. 37. Lexi: A short and sweet name from Greece. Teaching; Yahweh May Protect; . Eros. 5. Edmund is an old fashioned boy name that means fortunate protector or wealthy protection and comes from Old English. Aminte The name Aminte is of Greek origin and means "Protector". Dealla Irish name meaning protector. Sandy (Defender)Velma (Germanic for protector)Freyja (The goddess of love, beauty and war in Norse mythology)Pisto (Amazon warrior)Hilda (Germanic for battle)Loyce (German for a female warrior)Elmina / Elma (German for determined defender)Hida (German for warrior)Alexandra (Greek for female protector)Sasha (Russian for defender)More items The Greek name Marcus stands for obedience. It consists of the root words im meaning with and El which refers to God. Consider these survivor names for your resilient canine cutie! Surname Meanings Genealogy Greek Name Meanings Hawaiian Name Meanings Hebrew Name Meanings Hindu Name Meanings the protector, little arm Latin-America. Euan. Bruce: (English) Meaning the willowlands, this name is one name that is absolutely associated with being tough.Think of all the famous men who have this name like Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee, to name a few. This Italian boy name is quite rare and combines the Germanic elements ans and wald to create its powerful meaning. Hercules was the son of Zeus and Hera. A Sanskrit boys name that means star and protector. Variant of Eideard: Rich protector. Harold . Andro. Agamemnon Resolute and inflexible. Baby boy names that mean protector. But there's a lot to Greek baby names beyond . 36. Kendria: This royal sounding English name means just that, a royal protector. Southern boy names are timeless, classic and charming. Hermes is the messenger god. We all know that the army are our protectors and having this name for your little boy can be one of the best gifts that you could ever give. Andre (French) Strong and manly. 11. Duncan: Meaning: Scottish for dark warrior Ajax: This Greek name means warrior, but it was also the name of a famous warrior in Greek myths. 84. Origin: Russian. Amintee The name Amintee is of Greek origin and means "Protector". Your Little Protector. Tarak. View Protector Names for Boys at Baby Names Pedia - Page 9 - with concise name meanings, origins, pronunciation, and charts! The Greek name Marcus stands for obedience. What boy name means star? Alexander . Ilma: The short and exotic sounding name from Germany means a resolute protector.

BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Rider of English origin meaning horseman. Each of these names has their origins and their meanings so you can find the perfect boy name that suits your young warrior. Aidan The Gaelic boys name Aidan comes from the Celtic god of sun and fire Aodh and means little fire or the fiery one. Boy Names That Mean Protector Wyatt Wyatt is a warrior, protector name with Anglo-Saxon origins. Gerald. Baby names with PROTECTOR in the meaning - Search results: 244 names (101-150) Nr. Hero was a female in Greek mythology, but you can definitely use the name for boys. Andreas (Greek) Strong and manly. To help narrow down the seemingly endless options Immanuel is the delightful Russian variation of the classic Hebrew name Immanuel or Emmanuel. The Irish name for child stands for defender and protector of the tribe.

Pronunciation: O Anders (Scandinavian) Strong and manly. Orien is a masculine name of Greek origin meaning "the hunter". Ajax Ajax has a Greek origin. There are two main theories on the origins and meanings of Phineus. 79. Aeneas Praising. Adniel (Hebrew origin) boys name meaning Gods flock. Ansaldo means power, leader, ruler.. 14. Harold . Amintie The name Amintie is of Greek origin and means "Protector". Rainer is an Ancient Germanic name that means army advisor or deciding warrior. Boy Names That Mean Protector. Amintey The name Amintey is of Greek origin and means "Protector". 2. Greek Boy Names Means Protect. Deandra -A name of American origin meaning defender of mankind. Popular questions. Asim Arabic name meaning protector. AMYNTAS (): Greek name derived from the word amyntor, meaning "defender." For your brave warrior princess, try these strong girl names below. Darian: It is of Kurdish or Persian origin.

Ansel English name meaning protector. Zeus is one of the most popular Greek names for boy. This sweet name has a Greek origin and means Lord or master. Other girl names with meanings related to protection or defense include Ramona and Aminta. Cyrus: The name Cyrus has a Persian origin, and is derived from the name Kurush. 3. Escort. as a girls' name (also used as boys' name Alastair) is of Scottish and Greek origin, and the meaning of Alastair is "man's defender". ASIM ( ): Arabic name meaning "protector." Baby boy names that mean protector. This is the name of several kings in Hindu texts. Cyrus the Great founded the Persian empire. Advertisement. Guardian of liberty; noble protector. ALOISA. 3. Andromeda Greek name meaning protector of mankind.