Site Audit

Website Auditing

Fine-Tune Your Website For Better Performance and Visibility

What is Website Auditing

  • Analyze your website’s SEO foundation
  • Analyze your SEO efforts to improve results
  • Discover online marketing priorities
  • Audit website’s content for improvisation

Need of Website Auditing

  • To improve keyword rankings in search engines
  • To increase online leads and sales
  • To enhance user’s website experience
  • To improve website’s loading time

Website Auditing Process

An approach to perform website audit for Better Performance
Content Auditing
  • We audit website’s content for thin and copied content issue.
  • We recommend and implement required content changes.
Audit On-page SEO
  • We audit on-page SEO efforts of the website for improvisation.
  • We audit links, content, architecture, etc in the process.
Broken Links
  • Checking for broken links in the website in our priority.
  • We fix these issues with content creation and redirects.
Mobile Responsiveness
  • We check website for mobile device compatibility.
  • We also audit the website for browsers compatibility.
  • We see that all the pages are getting crawled and indexed.
  • If a page is not indexed, it adds no value to the website.
User Experience
  • We audit the website for improving the user experience.
  • Better usability leads to improved conversion rate.

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