Google Penalties

What is Google Penalty and What You Lose When Got Hit

What is Google Penalty?


  • A Google search quality algorithm which penalize websites for violating their webmaster guidelines.
  • Examples are, Google Panda, Google Penguin.

What do you lose?


  • You lose your search rankings, traffic, leads, business, etc when got penalized.
  • You suffer a major business loss.

Google Penalty Recovery

How We Help You Recover From Google Penalty
Diagnose the Cause


  • Most website owners are unaware of the actual cause of their imposed Google penalty. We diagnose the issue.
  • Penalty could be a result of any link scam or thin content issue, we dive into deep to find the cause.




  • After diagnosing the actual cause of Google penalty, we fix it on top priority basis.
  • We take necessary steps abiding by the Google webmaster guidelines while doing so.
Adding Value


  • Then we add more value to your website to improve its backlink portfolio quality.
  • We replace thin/copied content from your website with unique and engaging content.


Reclaim the Spot


  • We help you to reclaim your top search ranking spots in search engine rankings.
  • We help you to increase your traffic, leads, brand exposure and business with better monitorization.

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