Pay Per Click – PPC

Increase Your Business by selective online marketing

Why is PPC Important for Your Business

  • Gives massive exposure for your business when prospective customers search for related business
  • Helps ensure customers are serious about your product or service ad ensures much higher conversion rate
  • Search engine algorithms constantly change, making certain ranking important keywords challenging
  • 3.5 billion searches a day are performed on Google alone.
  • Customer expectations become more demanding every day and they rely on top search results.
  • It’s often the key for small business to move to next level.

Is PPC for My Business?

  • Effective for businesses of all sizes
  • Excellent for time-sensitive offers or when you want immediate clicks to your site.
  • Controls your costs based on the number of clicks.
  • Promotes specific targets to customers (e.g., select keywords, or specific neighborhoods, etc.)

What are the Benefits?

  • Only pay when someone is genuinely interested in what you offer.
  • Fast results, so you can figure out what’s working.
  • Adjust strategy based on click rates.
  • Set parameters based on your budget.
  • Target your business to selected customers
  • And many more

Types of SEO We Work On

Different SEO marketing we do for your business
Search Engine (e.g. Google, Adword, Bing Ads)
  • We will help your business to rank higher on search engines by constant research on most searched keywords which would get you business. Pay for specific keywords which will feature your business when searched for.
Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc. Ads)
  • We will market your business on social media sites and help targets those on social media with an interest in your services.
Content Marketing / Banner Ads
  • Places your business ad on the side or bottom of popular content, like the LA Times, Yahoo News or Washington Post
Targeted Ads
  • Displays the information of your business on other related websites and display them to specific targeted audience.

Why Choose Us

What we do for you to get maximum ROI
  • PPC needs a collaborative approach with someone who understands the hundreds of services available.
  • We have worked with number of businesses and helped them double their revenue
  • We help in managing different PPC campaign as per your budget
  • We assist in developing campaigns, depending on your needs
  • One expert / point of contact will be assigned for your account.
  • We will provide detailed reports and suggest area of improvement.
  • Help to obtain more customers with lesser pay per click budget.
  • You will save time, we will work on selected techniques which will bring revenue.
  • We are expert in catching click fraud and help keep payments low.

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